Who am I?

Ioan Popovici
Crafting Software, Teams and People
+40 743 097 (t.w.o-s.i.x-s.e.v.e.n.)

First, I was rounding up around ten years of building very diverse software (G.I.S.,  e-learning platforms, workflow management, distributed systems, implementing some well known computer vision algorithms, virtualizing platforms, IDEs and so on...)

Then I started teaching skills to diffrent teams requiring a technical boost. Mostly on the Microsoft application platform, but also on related web technologies. This is possible thanks to Avaelgo 's great team. Good people.

Trying to stay involved in some Microsoft Community events. I could do better here.

When I don't do software, I'm building teams and skills for other companies. People call this consultancy. Well...

Lately I am focusing on cybersecurity and privacy protection (limmited to the european context) and am trying to catch up on my machine learning skills.

Most dificult aspects of building software? In my opinion:

  • communication - people skills
  • scaling - fairly technical
  • delivery - the final spice of proper quality
Some sparks of work and experience

Privacy is crazy, I'm telling you!

Avaelgo and its partners
Solution Architect, Developer, Trainer and Consultant

Did alot of enterprise work, some startup work.

Exposed to alot of diffrent working environments, a fair amount of public speaking and difficult  successfull software deliveries.

NNs and SVMs optimizations

Worked together with a great team and implemented some neat optimizations to various computer vision environments based on NNs and SVMs. 

Could not really say more. Let me tell you, NDAs suck !

Avaelgo / Nivio
Architect, Developer

Imagining and building bits of an application virtualization platform. Too bad we were a little behind with the schedule.

Software Developer

Mostly G.I.S. Software. Some from scratch, some built upon existing solutions. Good times.

...in the plenitude of varieties that it is delivered.
Web Development
clientside, serverside, distributed, mobile,
Distributed Software
Postly the PaaS, and the Machine Learning pallete
Several years of G.I.S, develoment for both civil and military use.
European Privacy Law
Started implementing privacy law compliant software in 2015, developed this skill, and obtained IAPPs CIPP/E certification in december 2017.
Mostly Microsoft SQL server
Software Development and Delivery Management
I almost hate the 'project manager' denomination in the context of building software
well... destruction must always follow construction